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33 months ago , by Dealer
$0.78 ppr $39.00
Brand Fenix Ammunition Rounds 50 Bullet 240gr Hornady XTP Brass Starline Powder Hodgdon H110 Primer Winchester .44 Magnum designed for revolvers and lever action rifles. These .44 Magnum bullets pack a 250 grain Hornady XTP bullet and brand new Starline brass making them perfect for hunters, or any kind of self defense purpose. Approx. Velocity- 1450 FPS SKU 00035
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Fenix Ammunition 357
36 months ago
$0.90 ppr $18.04
Hornady® LEVERevolution® Ammo, "100 years NEW!" Its higher ballistic coefficient delivers flatter trajectories for fantastic downrange energy, bullet expansion and accuracy.Up to 250 F.P.S. faster muzzle velocity than conventional lever loads Patent pending Flex TipTM bullet, a pointed tip that's safe in a tubeUp to 40% more energy than traditional flat point loads.Cartridge: .44 Magnum AmmoBullet Weight Grains: 225Bullet Style: FTXMuzzle Velocity (F.P.S.): 1,410Muzzle Energy (Ft.-lbs.): 993Rounds Per Box: 20!!! Limited Quantities !!! SKU#: E637J-136240