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24 months ago , by Dealer
Established in 1933, IMI is a defense systems house specializing in the development, integration, manufacturing and life cycle support of modern land, air and naval combat systems and HLS solutions. IMI's world class combat-proven systems are developed by vertically integrated expert teams, working in close cooperation with the customers, the most prominent being the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). IMI's products have been qualified with the IDF, US Military (Air Force, Army and Navy) and NATO nations.
44 months ago
IMI's .223 55-gr. FMJ Bulk Rifle Ammunition delivers high-quality cartridges that meet the most stringent military specifications. These cartridges are NATO-qualified. Store your bulk ammo with confidence in a safe, dry environment with the included heavy-duty molded-plastic dry-storage box. Installed rubber seal locks out moisture. Accommodates easy stacking. No-fail brass latch secures the lid, and the handle will reliably carry heavy, full boxes. 15.75"L x 8"W x 10"H. Box capacity: 767 cu. in. Item number#: IK-219590 .223 Remington 55 Grain FMJ 300