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3 days ago
This 5.56x45 cartridge represents an exciting union between two of the heaviest hitters in the ammunition industry. Hornady, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality bullets, has teamed up with Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, which has an impressive production capability with their 3,935 acre facility and nearly 80 years in operation, to create U.S. Military spec ammunition that is poised to give you some of the best performance that your money can buy.
5 days ago
105-000-747WB 223 Remington 55gr Full Metal Jacket 13,889/Barrel Cartridge: 223 Remington Bullet Weight (Grains): 55 Rounds: 13889 Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Brand Style: Frontier Cartridge Muzzle Energy: 1282, ... Description
1 month ago
Frontier ammo is the product of Hornady and Lake City Ammunition coming together to provide you with high quality, affordable, military grade 5.56 ammo. They use Hornady's high quality 55 grain full metal jacket M193 projectile loaded into a brass casing with Military grade boxer primers and propellants for reliable feeding and ignition. This 5.56 NATO Spec ammunition is designed with military components optimized for modern sporting rifles like the AR-15. With a box of 20 at an affordable price, you can easily burn through ammo while training or target shooting at the range.
12 months ago
Quick Overview free shipping Free Shipping applies to this item only and not the entire order. SKU: KIT-0338 UPC: MFR#: Hornady Frontier 5.56 NATO M193 55gr FMJ 1000 Bulk Case- FR206 QTY: 1 SKU: 5165449125   Magpul PMAG 30 5.56X45mm Magazine, Black (30 Round Capacity) - MAG571-BLK QTY: 10 SKU: 2
12 months ago
The Hornady Frontier .223 Remington 55-Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammunition includes full metal jacket cartridges in a 20-round box.
13 months ago
Quick Overview free shipping Free Shipping applies to this item only and not the entire order. If you live in AK, CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MA, MD, NJ, or NY, please read our ammo shipping restrictions before placing your order. All California ammunition orders must be shipped to DOJ approved FFL dealer. More CA Info. SKU: 5165449125 UPC: 090255711424 MFR#: FR206 Caliber: 5.56 NATO Bullet Weight: 55 Grain Bullet Type: FMJ-BT Product Line: Frontier Ballistic Coefficient: .243 (G1) Ammo Count: 1000 Rounds
14 months ago , by Dealer
Hornady is proud to launch Frontier Cartridge, a supplier of American-made, military-grade ammunition at affordable prices. Applications range from plinking, target shooting and hunting to law enforcement training and self-defense.
18 months ago , by Dealer
The American Gunner line of ammunition is a collection of tried-and-true, versatile loads that are popular with shooters for their target shooting, hunting or self-defense needs. Made in the USA with premium components, American Gunner ammunition combines generations of ballistics know-how with modern components and technology. Hornady American Gunner ammunition - proudly made in the USA! SPECIFICATIONS: Mfg item bumber: 80238 Caliber: 223 Remington Grain: 55 Bullet: Hollow Point Boat Tail Velocity: 3240 fps Energy: 1282 ft-lbs Quantity: 247 per can
18 months ago
The Hornady Frontier 5.56 NATO 55-Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammunition features full metal jackets for an M193-style design. 20-round box.
21 months ago , by Dealer
Hornady Superformance Match 223 Rem 75Gr Boat tail Hollow Point Match 20 200 80264 This item may take a few extra days to ship We Can NOT ship this product to these states: CT, DC, IL, MA, NY
23 months ago
Hornady Ammo 223 Remington 55gr SP - Streamlined design for ultra flat trajectories. Match grade jacket design provides maximum accuracy at all ranges. 50 Count Box. Hornady Ammo 223 Remington 55gr SP 50 Count - Streamlined design for ultra flat trajectories. Matchgrade jacket design provides maximum accuracy at all ranges. Explosive expansion, even at low velocities. Ultra flat trajectories Match grade jacket design maximum accuracy at all ranges 50 Count Box SKU#: 1226409 Limit 2 per customer.
32 months ago
V-MAXTM Bullets Hornady’s V-MAX bullets consistently achieve rapid fragmentation at all practical varmint shooting velocities. Hand Inspected Every Varmint Express cartridge is hand inspected before leaving Hornady's factory, ensuring there are no cosmetic flaws and imperfections. Powder Each cartridge is loaded to ensure optimal pressure, velocity, accuracy and lot-to-lot consistency. Select Brass Hornady produces most of the brass for Hornady Varmint Express ammunition.
38 months ago
A variety of proprietary propellants souped up velocity ratings up to 200 f.p.s. as compared to other similar types on the market! Here, you can choose between A-Max Ammo - quite possibly the most most technically-advanced bullet ever designed - or fast, accurate, and versatile Hollow-Point Boattail bullets. Please Note: The 5.56x45mm round is loaded under higher pressure. Please check with gun manufacturer to insure it is recommended to shoot 5.56x45mm.Order today!
40 months ago , by Dealer
BACK IN STOCK! FACTORY FRESH HORNADY 8126N 5.56 75gr BTHP T2 TAP This is the highly desirable and difficult to find 75 grain BTHP T2 TAP® cartridge in caliber 5.56 NATO. Hornady Item No. 8126N. These are factory-sealed cases of 200 rounds. If 200 rounds is too many, we also stock individual 20 round boxes with a minimum order of five: 20 Round Box Hornady 8126N Many rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO are not realizing their full potential when shooting 223 Rem ammo. To get all the performance 5.56 NATO can deliver, you need a 5.56 NATO load. 5.56 NATO chambered rifles were designed to take ad
44 months ago
SKU: 4815 UPC: 090255802689 MFR#: 80268 Hornady .223 Rem 75gr TAP FPD 20rds 80268 MFR#: 80268 UPC: 090255802689 Rounds Per Box: 20 Muzzle Energy: 1296 ft-lbs Muzzle Velocity: 2790 fps - Loaded with Hornady bullets that deliver the terminal performance law enforcement and military professionals have trusted for years. - Silver nickel cases eliminate the potential for corrosion, improve feeding in all firearms, and are easily visible in low light conditions. - Propellants are engineered to protect your night vision by minimizing muzzle flash. SKU: 4815
44 months ago
Hornady® Match Grade Ammo. LOW Guide price! Get a nice, slashed price on top-grade Hornady® ammunition from The Guide: Reloadable brass cases Boxer primed Non-corrosive Caliber: .223 REM Ammo Bullet Wt. Grains: 75 Bullet Style: BTHP Muzzle Velocity (F.P.S.): 2,790 Muzzle Energy (ft.-lbs.): 1,296 Rounds Per Box: 20 SKU#: NMAO6-71215
69 months ago
Hornady® training Ammo is loaded to the same specifications with the same propellant as duty ammunition, with a quality lacquer-coated steel case. It has match reliable function and accuracy, but is more economical for honing skills on the practice range. Berdan-primed, non-corrosive. Pistol rounds with Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) hollow point bullets. 50 rounds per box. Order this deal ONLINE right away! HORNADY STEEL MATCH™ RIFLE & PISTOL AMMUNITION - BOX OF 50 For all Rifle Ammo:For all Handgun Ammo: 203670
82 months ago
It is FAST! It is ACCURATE! It is VERSATILE! Superformance Match Ammunition achieves muzzle velocities of 100 – 200 fps faster than ANY conventional ammunition. Amazing ammunition performance starts with outstanding bullets, and Hornady AMAX and Boattail Hollow Point Match bullets, now featuring revolutionary new AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet jackets, raise the standard. Hornady Superformance Match 5.56mm 75gr BTHP 20rds 81264 MFR#: 81264 UPC: 090255812640 Rounds Per Box: 20 Muzzle Energy: 1410 ft-lbs Muzzle Velocity: 2910 fps