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3 days ago
Newly manufactured by Fiocchi, this product is excellent for target practice and shooting exercises. This product is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. It is both economical and precision manufactured by an established European (Italian) cartridge producer - think Ferrari, Maserati, etc.
4 weeks ago
Bulk Price: 20+ $12.50 each Buy more and save! - The philosophy behind the Pistol Shooting Dynamics Line is very simple: focus on the achievement of the ideal synergy between shooter, firearm, and ammunition. Fiocchi keeps developing and improving its pistol and revolver cartridge products and have added a 44 Special to an already incredibly complete offering. This line has been an over twenty-five year favorite of our shooters in the USA. It encompasses LRN, FMJ, JHP, FMJHP, and JSP bullet configurations in all the most popular calibers.
1 month ago
Fiocchi 9mm FMJ ammunition is built for the range at an affordable price, so you can stock up and shoot all day. It features a 115 grain full metal jacket bullet and reloadable brass cases, reliable primers, and non-corrosive propellant. Features: - 9mm - 115 grain Full Metal Jacket - Reliable primers - Non-corrosive propellant - Reloadable brass - Box of 50
1 month ago
You wouldn’t get a bag from the grocery store if it wasn’t filled with good stuff. So why would you settle for an Uncle Mike’s Side-Armor Deluxe Range Bag unless it comes with a couple boxes of 9mm range ammo? That’s why we bundled this range bag with 100 rounds of FMJ ammo by Fiocchi!
4 months ago , by Dealer
Manufacturer Number: xxxxx Caliber: 9mm Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Projectile (FMJ) Bullet Weight: 123 Grain Rounds: 50 Rounds per Box – Qty 20 boxes Muzzle Velocity: 1150 FPS Muzzle Energy: 364 ft/lbs Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: 0.148 Brass Casings Features: * Accurate High Quality bullet * Reliable Primers * Precision formed cases * Clean Burning Powders Usage: Target, Range, Personal Defense
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4 months ago , by Dealer
This 115gr HP 9mm ammunition is mfg by Fiocchi USA in Missouri. This is brass cased and fully reloadable ammunition. Featuring a lead cored 115gr Hornady JHP bullet running at 1250 fps. Fiocchi has been in the ammunition business for over 125 years in Italy and has been stateside since the 1980's. Their quality is excellent. Find out for yourself why they are world respected for their ammunition. Each lot will contain 1 box of 50 rounds.
37 months ago
Fiocchi 9mm Ammo Features Fiocchi has become a favorite of shooters due to its consistent high quality, accuracy and dependability. The philosophy behind the Pistol Shooting Dynamics Line is very simple: focus on the achievement of the ideal synergy between shooter, firearm, and ammunition. Fiocchi keeps developing and improving its pistol and revolver cartridge products.  They offer outstanding ballistics . In terms of performance, Fiocchi's Pistol Shooting Dynamics Line takes is second to none. Fiocchi 9mm Luger Specifications - Fiocchi model number 9AP - 50-round box