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17 hours ago
Hornady Custom Pistol Ammunition. HORNDAY® BULLET: All Hornday Custom™ pistol ammo is loaded with either the famous Hornady XTP® (eXtreme Terminal Perfromance) Bullet. All are supremely accurate, and deliver dependable knockdown power. HIGHEST QUALITY BRASS: Much of the brass is made by Hornady, the rest is carefully selected for reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, hardness and the ability to withstand maximum chamber pressures. POWDER: Each powder is matched with each load to ensure optimal pressure, velocity, volume and consistency from lot to lot.
17 hours ago
Hornady® Subsonic Ammunition doesn’t have the loud report of a supersonic round, and paired with a suppressor, it’s even quieter. Unique powders optimized for subsonic use result in a low flash signature, ideal for either suppressed or unsuppressed performance. Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 719071 Mfg. Number: 90287 Caliber: 9mm Bullet Weight: 147 grain Bullet Style: XTP Muzzle Velocity: 975 FPS Muzzle Energy: 310 ft.-lbs. Case Type: Brass Primer Type: Boxer Country of Manufacture: USA Corrosive: No Rounds: 25 Back to top UPC#: 090255902877 719071
1 week ago
The American Gunner(R) line of ammunition is a collection of tried-and-true, versatile loads that are popular with shooters for their target shooting, hunting or self-defense needs. Made in the USA with premium components, American Gunner(R) ammunition combines generations of ballistics know-how with modern technology. - 9MM - 1,155 Feet per second - 115 Grain XTP - 25 Rounds per box