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30 months ago
HEVI-Shot HEVI-Duty 9mm Luger Centerfire Ammunition features non-toxic bullets and primers and is the ideal choice for competitive shooting events or range training. This lead-free 9mm Luger Ammunition from the experts at HEVI-Shot is designed with non-Toxic Frangible bullets that won't ricochet or over-penetrate upon impact so you can safely practice with steel targets without worry. While HEVI-Shot HEVI-Duty 100gr 9mm Centerfire Ammo isn't your traditional lead cartridge, its Match Grade Accuracy will improve your efficiency on the course or at the range.
33 months ago
Web ID: 2223518 12 Gauge HS41205 CS 5,6,7 MAX Non-Toxic 1200 3.5" 50 Rounds 2-1/4 oz. SKU: 2223518
40 months ago
Nothing brings out the performance of firearms like HEVI-Shot® pellets and now the makers of the revolutionary pellet, ENVIRON-Metal, Inc., are making their own shells that include great features such as weather-resistant crimps! The Duck Load shells allow for 50% more lethal pellets on targets over 40 yards. They have a 15-percent pattern improvement over high-speed steel. If you're shooting to kill, you should shoot the best! Web ID: 89782 SKU: 2353242 16 Gauge 75816 4 1300 2.75" 10 Rounds 1-1/4 oz.
41 months ago
SKU: 2353310 HEVI-Shot® Hevi-13® Turkey Loads feature lighter density pellets, more consistent gunpowder, and superior buffering for the tightest pattern possible and the most knockdown power. Water-resistant crimp; velocity: 1090 feet per second. Show more Web ID: 91357 12 Gauge 61993 7 1090 3.5" 5 Rounds 2-1/4 oz.