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2 weeks ago , by Dealer
Description Gift Pack Contains: 10 lbs. – of Tannerite 20 – Load Your Own Targets 1 – Tannerite Tumbler To reliably initiate, Tannerite® brand targets need to be hit solidly with a transonic (ital) round. A transonic round is one going 2,000 feet per second or faster. All other things being equal, larger diameter bullets work better than smaller ones..   MPN#: MIS-00-000-00-057
3 weeks ago , by Dealer
Description THIS AMMO IS RELOADS 180 grain, J Hollow Point, ZC 50 rounds per box NO SALES TO THE FOLLOWING: AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION AND RESTOCK FEE WILL BE APPLIED!! We do not sell or ship ammunition to residents of: Alaska (r), California, Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York State, Washington DC or any location that requires air shipment. Please check your state and local laws before ordering ammunition. Certain other restrictions may apply. MPN#: AMM-00-040-50-001