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2 weeks ago
Box of 5 Lightfield® Home Defender 12 Gauge Nova-DR Blank Distraction Rounds. Ideal non-projectile Rounds for home defense! These may be more bark than bite, but it's a helluva bark... when fired, Nova-DR Rounds produce a bright flash and LOUD noise (that "bark" I was talking about) in excess of 130 dBa that'll scare the pants off an intruder. The Rounds can cause significant injury or even be lethal if aimed directly at a target at close range. Do not use in screw-choke barrels. 195386
3 weeks ago
Box of 5 Lightfield® Home Defender HV Star 12 Gauge Rubber Slug Rounds. The best defense it a good offense. With a 75-grain HV Star projectile that hits with potentially lethal, definitely painful force, Home Defenders Shells from Lightfield® are about as offensive as you can get... and without endangering those you're trying to protect! The HV Star projectile has low penetration potential, so there's less chance it'll break through walls on a miss. Muzzle velocity: 850 f.p.s. NOT for use with full-choke barrels. 195384