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1 day ago
This 32 Gauge shotshell by Rio is loaded with half an ounce of #6 lead shot. #6 is considered the middle of the road as birdshot goes: slightly larger than the #7.5 that is so often used to hunt grouse and partridge, and on the small end of the spectrum for what turkey hunters most frequently employ. As such #6 is considered a jack of all trades in the bird hunting world, and its efficacy for taking squirrel and rabbit is indisputable as well.
27 months ago
These hard-hitting loads are perfect for high-volume dove and quail shooting. Balanced, high-velocity powder charges, combined with premium primers, wads and shot, deliver consistent, efficient patterns. It all adds up to help you connect with small, speedy game birds. 25 shells per box, 10 boxes per case. Item: IK-217170
49 months ago
This traditional, reliable 2-3/4 buck load has many uses, from deer and varmint hunting to tactical competitions and home defense. Top-quality components – including a shot-cushioning wad – push the nine-pellet load from the muzzle at a blazing 1,345 fps. Smooth-cycling semi-clear-plastic hulls. Per 250 rounds. Imported. Item: IK-218761