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2 days ago
Cabela's® Multi-Tool has the devices you need for quick fixes and repairs, all contained in a compact unit that carries easily in your pocket or on your belt. The stainless steel frame houses 8 tools, including: wire-cutting pliers with bolt grip, wire-stripper, plain-edge knife blade, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, saw, bottle opener and scissors. A durable nylon belt sheath protects and carries the multitool within easy reach. Closed length: 3". Imported. Compact, easy-to-carry unit 8 stainless steel tools total Includes nylon sheath Web ID: 100131565
4 days ago
Need a cleaning kit, but don't want all the extra pieces for firearms you don't own? Cabela's Caliber-Specific Cleaning Kit has the tools and accessories you need to keep the firearms you own in pristine condition without extra brushes and components you'll never use. Each pistol, rifle and shotgun kit includes a hybrid multifunction handle, 25 cleaning patches and a six-piece bit set (two Phillips screwdriver heads, two flat heads and one hex head) as well as a caliber-specific brush, mop and slot tip. Pistol-cleaning kits include two brass rods and a caliber-specific solid-brass jag.
5 days ago
Pistol – .22, .357/.38/9mm, .40, .45. Rifle – .280/7mm, .17, .22, .30, .243. Shotgun – 12 gauge. Modern Gun – .223. Web ID: 100123311
32 months ago
Roll out the perfect gun-cleaning surface, one that protects both gun and tabletop alike. The top layer of Cabela’s Gun-Cleaning Mats are crafted of a low-nap, stain-resistant polyester fleece that’s gentle on gun surfaces, and it absorbs and contains oils and liquids quickly. Its waterproof, slip-resistant backing will not slide or allow liquids to pass through. Machine washable. Imported. Available: 15" x 20" SKU#: 231210
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Cabela's 180
54 months ago
Includes boresighter and leveler Made of machined aluminum Works with any caliber from .22 to .50