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1 week ago
100-024-279WB Armorers Handgun Sight Tool Description Specs Easily Adjust, Install Or Remove Dovetail Sights The Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool is a precision machined Handgun Sight Tool. It is designed to install un-install or adjust front and rear dovetail sights. The Wheeler Handgun Sight tool fully captures and supports slides so it won’t deform them. The Sight Tool works on all semi-automatic pistols. It features a large 4 post drive knob to easily push the sight and has reference marks for precise adjustments.
2 months ago
The Wheeler Engineering FAT Wrench is a hand driven, click/clutch style torque wrench that is very useful for applying the necessary torque to most firearm and firearm accessory fasteners. The FAT Wrench features a thick ergonomic handle, a standard 1/4" drive tip, and can be used to apply torque from 10 to 65 in-lbs at 5 in-lb increments. Common uses include, but are not limited to: installation of scope ring and base screws, action screws and trigger guard screws. With proper care and use, the FAT Wrench will provide a lifetime of reliable service.
3 months ago
ACCURACY: +/- 2 in/lbs up to 40 in/lbs; 40 – 65 is +/- 5% EASE OF USE: Apply, repeatable, accurate torque settings to scope rings, guard screws, windage screws and base screws, which aids in accuracy and decreases the opportunity for problems in the field RELIABLE: Torque adjustment range from 10 in/lbs to 65 in/lbs DURABLE: Bits are made of S2 tool steel and hardened to 56-58 Rockwell “C”
10 months ago
The Wheeler Hammer and Punch Set includes a polymer/brass combination hammer, eight precision brass punches, four steel punches, and two plastic punches. It comes in a handy molded case. It makes a great tool for driving pins, drifting sights, at the shooting range or on your gunsmithing bench. ASIN#: B004SY07HU Model number#: 951900
17 months ago
DIMENSIONS: 1 1/4" H x 4" Diameter EASE OF USE: Two-sided tool features all channels and holes needed to add or remove parts from most handguns VERSATILITY: Works perfectly for assembling and disassembling 1911s as well as 10/22s NON-DESTRUCTIVE: Constructed of non-marring urethane INCLUDES: Features a main spring removal recess, barrel link removal V channel, rear sight drift channel, front sight stalking channel, hammer and sear pin removal holes, ejector port dressing channel and a rail dressing round bottom channel ASIN#: B0047WKF84 MPN#: 672215 UPC#: 661120188278
22 months ago
The Wheeler Delta Series AR Armorer's Essentials Kit contains all of the essential tools a gunsmith or armorer needs to complete a full rifle build, make repairs or perform normal maintenance on AR-15/M16 platform rifles. Each of these Delta Series tools is designed with application specific features to perform specific functions with precision and ease. Each tool is constructed of the highest quality materials to deliver the best performance at a great value. All of the tools fit inside the durable carry case for convenient storage and transport.
24 months ago
Wheeler 156224 Delta Series Armorer's Vice Steel .223 Remington Platform Rifles
31 months ago
This 43-Pc. WheelerTM Professional Gunsmith Set includes all the most common Bits for gun cleaning, made by one of the most trusted names in the industry. Each is gently curved at the tip instead of being straight, to protect the fit and finish of the screw.
40 months ago
Wheeler AR Bolt Catch Install Punch Kit Features: - Start bolt catch roll pin easily with starter punch - Finish installation flush with the finishing punch - Flat on one side for proper alignment
41 months ago
Digitally set and apply the exact amount of torque you need to install delicate base screws, scope rings, windage screws and more with Wheeler's Digital Fat Wrench. This next-generation tool boasts a large LCD digital display for ease of use and this exacting feature translates into more consistent performance in the field. Adjustable torque offers a 15 inch-lbs. to 100 inch-lbs. range with a +/- 2% accuracy. Audible and visual indicators occur when you've reached optimal pressure. Ergonomic, overmolded design and soft touch buttons are comfortable to use.
50 months ago
Machined from hardened steel, the punches in the Wheeler Roll-Pin Starter Punch Set resist bending or breaking when driving any size roll pin. A beveled tip ensures proper alignment of the roll pin. The nine-piece set includes: 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16" and a fitted nylon pouch. Item number#: IK-232960 SKU#: 710910 ($24.99) UPC#: 661120109105 ($24.99)
52 months ago
Help keep your firearm from damage as you install an AR roll pin with the Wheeler® Engineering AR-15 Roll Pin Install Tool Kit. This kit comes with a bolt catch install tool kit, an AR trigger guard install tool, 3 steel starter punches, 3 steel driver punches and a 2-sided hammer. Features and Benefits - Helps install an AR roll pin without damaging or marring your firearm - Includes a bolt catch install tool kit, an AR trigger guard install kit, 3 steel starter punches (sizes 1/16, 5/16 and 3/32), 3 steel driver punches (sizes 1/16, 5/16 and 3/32) and a 2-sided hammer
52 months ago
Bring new life to old guns with the spray-on Wheeler Engineering Cerama-Coat. It contains a ceramic mix that delivers superior durability and wear resistance as well as protection against rust, solvents and weather. Simply degrease the item, spray the parts with three light coats of finish and bake the parts in an oven at 350˚ for an hour to cure the finish. Not for use on wood, plastic or scopes. Each 4-oz. can contains enough finish to refinish two long guns. Made in USA. Available: Foliage Green Offers superior durability and wear resistance