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35 months ago
One Shot Case Lube with DynaGlide Plus technology is a micro-penetrating high pressure dry film. It contains no petroleum, Teflon, or other synthetic silicone so it WILL NOT contaminate powder or primers Features DynaGlide Plus Contains no petroleum, teflon or synthetic silicone Will NOT contaminate powders Net Weight 5 oz, Volume 7 fl Oz Aerosol ASIN#: B0001NA29U Model number#: 9991
61 months ago
Hornady One Shot with DynaGlide Plus is a revolutionary formula developed to rid firearms of malfunctions caused by a buildup of lubricants and grime. The unique DynaGlide Plus formula cleans the actions of firearms and leaves a micro-thin layer of dry lubricant. Because One Shot is a dry, non-tacky lube, it smoothes actions and eliminates mechanical fouling due to powder and dirt adhering to the lubricant ASIN#: B000LC9YM2 Model number#: 9990
101 months ago
Take case cleaning to a new level of efficiency. Hornady's One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Solution (must be used with Sonic Cleaner to work properly) for an ultra-efficient means of removing carbon residue, tarnish, oxidation and foreign material from the inside and outside of cartridge cases. Available: One Shot Sonic Clean Cartridge Case Solution – Quickly removes most tarnish, oxidation and carbon buildup. 32-oz. bottle provides up to 64 washes.