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48 months ago
See a bit more with the Winchester flexible LED bore light. The bright LED head is mounted to a flexible arm, allowing easy access through actions and get the light exactly where you need it. Perfect for bores from .22 caliber and up, this handy tool is a must-have for any gun smith. Features: - Flexible head - Compact LED for bores from .22 up - Includes (1) AA battery
77 months ago
Developed to be the perfect solution to make sure you have the appropriate resources to help keep your gun unencumbered with unwanted substances, the DAC technologies Winchester super deluxe Universal gun case kit 68 piece in custom fit Soft-Sided case is an excellent cleaning choice for just about any firearm user. A cleaning kit is an effective way for you to make certain that your weapon is correctly taken care of, accurate and in perfect condition.
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79 months ago
Sized for portability and easy storage, the Winchester 50-Piece Cleaning Station provides convenience when you want to clean and keep your firearms operating smoothly. The solid-wood gun-cleaning station has removable racks for space-saving storage. The 50-Piece Cleaning Kit includes tools to clean firearms from .17-cal. rifles through 12-ga. shotguns. Cleaning kit includes: - (3) Solid-brass 4mm rods - (1) 33" flex pull-through rod - (1) Multifunction handle - (3) Brass accessory adaptors - (10) Brass-core bore brushes - (6) Brass-core nylon brushes
Cabela's 488
110 months ago
Winchester Gun Duster comes in a net wt 3.5oz can. It is an all purpose sterilized cleaner that removes dust from all internal and external surfaces of fire arms. Great for cleaning optics and scopes. It is safe on plastics, non-abrasive and leaves no residue. It is small and compact, easy to store in a gun case. We are the only Company that makes this product. Sterilized all-purpose cleaner Safe on plastics Non-Abrasive Great for Optics and Scopes Small and compact ASIN: B003LIC5M4
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