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10 months ago
AK/SKS STOCKS, PARTS AND TOOLS, SKS/AK Broken Shell Extractor UTG Broken Shell Extractor for 7.62x39 Caliber Rifle Cartridges, Removes Broken Shell Casings Lodged in the Chamber of a Firearm Threaded Two-piece Design to Adjust Overall Length, Works Perfectly on Bolt Action and Semiautomatic Rifles Precision Machined from Steel with Matte Black Finish A Handy Must-have Tool for Shooters and Hunters Keep One with Your Shooting Gear, in Your Gunsmith Kit, or Gun Case ASIN#: B002TUSK1A Model number#: TL-S001
11 months ago
MODEL 4/15 PARTS AND TOOLS, .223 Broken Shell Extractor Product Features: Removes Broken Cartridges From the Chamber of Your M16 and Model 4/15 Rifles Fits the Buttstock Cleaning Kit ASIN: B002TUSJZ2 Item model number: TL-EX223
43 months ago
MODEL 4/15 PARTS AND TOOLS, M-16/AR-15 Cleaning kit - Including 5-Rods and Adaptor, Bore and Chamber Brushes, Dual-ended Nylon Brush, Oil Bottle, Cleaning Cloth, Nylon Pouch w/ 2 Pockets, Belt Loop, Belt Keeper and Alice Clip Complete Model 15/16 Cleaning Kit with 5 Piece Rods(Includes Loop) 8.6 oz Cleaning Kit Replaces Conventional Hefty Weight Cleaning Gear Neatly Stored In a 2-Compartment Lightweight Nylon Storage Bag with Velcro Closure Pouch Includes Belt Loop and Alice Clip for Attachment to Belt or Web Gear ASIN#: B002TUSJYI Model number#: TL-A041