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1 month ago
Product Highlights - 4 digital sound processing channels - 20 bit audio processor for crisp clear sound - 8 band graphic equalizer - Nano-Tech Water repellant coating - Automatic feedback control - 20% smaller than Game Ear Series 1 - Toggle volume control - Sound activated compression (SAC) - Low battery tone indicator - Power source #13 battery MPN#: WGE-XGE1B
30 months ago
Protect your hearing... and listen to tunes. Catch the ballgame. Or your favorite talk radio program. You can do it all with these Walker Passive AM / FM Radio Muffs.
42 months ago
Walker's® Ultra EarTM In-the-Canal Hearing Enhancers, Set of 2 boost your hearing to near super-human levels!The snap of a twig... Might be a tell-tale sign of a deer on approach. But without keen hearing, you might miss it. Not when you're wearing Walker's Ultra Ear Hearing Enhancers. They boosts high-frequency sounds to help you track targets, while a mid-range noise gate muffles muzzle fire to protect ears from damage. These in-ear models are so small and lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing them!