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1 month ago
Caldwell is known for producing rock solid hunting rests and the FieldPod Max is no exception. This highly portable hunting rest allows you to bring the same stability as the original DeadShot FieldPod along with you on the hunt. Its innovative design and versatility make it perfect for a variety of hunting applications. Independently adjustable legs allow you to set up on a rough terrain or a hillside and still maintain a level shooting platform. ASIN#: B00QJCK5A8 Model number#: 488029
26 months ago
Simply knowing the range isn't enough for precise long-range shooting. Knowing wind speed gives the shooter the ability to more accurately judge shot placement in varying wind conditions. Enter the Crosswind Professional Wind Meter, designed specifically for ballistic application. Topnotch performance features! The 90 rotating anemometer head allows you to measure exactly how much crosswind will be applied on the side of your bullet without ever having to move the Wind Meter or do angle calculations.