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6 days ago
The Ruger Mark III/Mark IV Magazine is a standard factory OEM replacement magazine. This magazine is for Mark III/Mark IV models chambered in .22 Long Rifle and holds 10 rounds of ammunition.
1 month ago
Whether you're plinking in the backyard or taking care of varmint, you'll love the hard-hitting accuracy and minimal noise of this Ruger® Targis Hunter Air Rifle. Lightweight, durable Air Rifle comes equipped with the TNT gas-piston power plant and advanced SilencAir Noise Dampening System that greatly reduces muzzle noise, while still sending pellets downrange at 1,050 FPS. Includes 4x32mm air rifle scope. .177 caliber Break barrel action Spring-piston power plant 1,050 FPS muzzle velocity SilencAir Noise Dampening System greatly reduces muzzle noise Adjustable 2-stage trigger with 3.5-lbs.
10 months ago
Ruger AirMagnum BkBbl Pkg .177plt Description The Ruger® Air Magnum Break Barrel Pellet Rifle is a 1200 FPS pellet rifle with an included 4x32 Scope. The spring piston break-barrel rifle is durable with its built in all weather composite stock. The 1200 FPS (feet per second) that is attained is high for this class of spring piston break-barrel rifle. The Air Magnum features a blued barrel and receiver and a rifled all steel barrel. The adjustable fiber optic rear sight allows for easy sighting adjustments and the fixed fiber optic front sight allows for quick focusing on the intended target.
10 months ago
The Ruger Targis is perfect for plinking, target shooting and small game hunting. It comes with the SilencAir noise dampening system, Picatinny scope rail, 4x32 airgun scope and an all-weather synthetic stock. It has an adjustable two-stage trigger and a blued barrel and receiver. Ruger Targis .177 Pellet Rifle w/ Scope: - 1200FPS with alloy pellet - SilencAir system - Picatinny scope rail - Spring PistonBreak barrel - Synthetic stock - Adjustable 2-stage trigger - Fixed fiber optic front sight - Adjustable fiber optic rear sight - 4x32 airgun scope UPC#: 723364442162
21 months ago
The Rugger targis Hunter is a high velocity, high impact 22 pellet air rifle. When you combine 22 pellet speeds up to 1000 FPS (alloy) and the silence air noise dampening system, you can see that this is a well designed air rifle for small game hunting and target shooting. Another aspect of the Rugger targis Hunter that makes it popular is that it's easier to cock the break barrel than many Magnum air rifles - in some cases over 25 percent easier. Its silence air system is a non-removable Suppressor with five chambers that greatly reduce muzzle noise.