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1 month ago
This is a stunning deal on top-quality Pelican flashlights. We just received our brand new 2020 Pelican inventory and boy are we excited to get this stuff into your hands for less than you'll find elsewhere. Today you'll save up to 65% off, if not more, on premium flashlights and once this stuff is gone, it may be gone for good. With our deals starting at 8 bucks, you'll regret saying no to this one. MPN#: UC-20200904FrBNS
14 months ago
Lumens: 178 = high mode; 15 = low mode ; Beam Distance: up to 130 meters Run time: 2h15m = high mode; 21h = low mode Features: 4. 23 inches length, aluminum body, 3 modes = high/strobe/low Batteries Included: 1 AA battery Includes pelican's legendary lifetime - you break it, we replace it. . . Forever