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4 weeks ago
The Pelican 2380R Tactical Flashlight is a brilliantly bright and multi-functional light designed to meet the needs of everyday and tactical users alike. Powered by either a single 18650 (included) or a pair of CR123As, this impressive torch uses its powerful LED to produce up to 305 Lumens of brightness that can throw further than 500 feet! The light also comes with a dimmer 30 Lumen setting that can last up to 25 hours, as well as a tactical Strobe Function that can be used as either a signal or to blind an attacker.
3 months ago
Let there be light! This is a stunning deal on top-quality Pelican flashlights. Starting 10 bucks you'll regret saying no to this one. MPN#: UC-20191115Fr3
4 months ago
Pelican designs and manufactures tough lighting tools used by professionals including firefighters, police, military, aerospace, industrial and consumers. Built Pelican tough, our lights offer the Lumen brightness and safety needed whether in the field or at home. Our line of super bright lights include waterproof lights, tactical lights, safety approved lights for hazardous areas, hands free lighting, right angle lights for fire fighting and industrial use and signaling lights for traffic and airport operations.
5 months ago
Lumens: 178 = high mode; 15 = low mode ; Beam Distance: up to 130 meters Run time: 2h15m = high mode; 21h = low mode Features: 4. 23 inches length, aluminum body, 3 modes = high/strobe/low Batteries Included: 1 AA battery Includes pelican's legendary lifetime - you break it, we replace it. . . Forever
14 months ago
Don’t let low battery power freeze you in your tracks. Our new Pelican™ 7610 tactical light is compatible with 1 AA, 2 CR123 or the Pelican 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery, giving you choices to reload with more battery options to keep the mission going. The power is up to you. The Pelican™ 7610 is loaded with high, strobe, medium and low mode options that can be programmed in five different combinations. A full time battery level indicator and armored with a type III hard anodized finish, the Pelican™ 7610 can take a hit and will never keep you guessing in the dark.