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3 months ago
The LA Police Gear W900 Compact with Rechargeable Battery is perfect for everyday carry and outdoor sports. Featuring a Nichia 219D LED with a span life of 50,000 hours and a max output up to 900 Lumens, overheating protection and a comfortable grip, it's the tactical flashlight you can rely on!Features:Compact and portable.
4 months ago
Introducing the LA Police Gear Recon Pocket Light! This slide to focus flashlight features a memory function, a rechargeable battery with included micro USB cable, easy and simple tail switch operation, and a XPL-V6 LED putting out a max of 725 lumens. Plus, the Recon Pocket Light also serves as a backup power source for mobile phones and other rechargeable USB electronic devices. Ideal for travel, survival, or for in the car. The LAPG Recon Pocket Light also fits conveniently in your pocket, purse, or Bail Out Bag.