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6 months ago
THE ULTIMATE SELF DEFENSE LASER LIGHT The ND3-P Laser Designator uses advanced green laser technology to create true night vision and turns your scoped rifle into a night hunter. The patented Rotary Optical Collimator uses a system of 9 fully multi-coated lenses that allows full adjustment and control of beam diameter and intensity to focus light where you need it most. Rotating the collimator ring to minimum creates a bright micro beam of green laser light visible up to 3 miles.
7 months ago
BSA Tactical Weapon Red Laser Sight with 160 Lumen LED Flashlight. Features: The high visibility red/green laser beam finds your target quickly and precisely. Fully adjustable beam flashlight with LED producing 160 lumens. 2-in1 mount fits any 1 inch or 30mm tube. Fits a 20mm to 50mm objective scope. Includes 2 pressure sensitive activation cables, hex wrench set, 3- 3 volt CR123A batteries (laserlight) and 1- 3 volt lithium battery (flashlight). Limited one year warranty. 1" Tube Mt. Class 3R laser product,