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27 months ago
Constructed of aircraft-grade type III aluminum, the Guard Dog Knightro brags that it's the strongest built stun gun on the market. It can withstand impact to almost any degree imaginable. Run it over, stop on it, use it to shatter glass, or use it as a club against assailants. The body stays intact and is ready for immediate action. It causes quite a jolt. Hidden within the Knightro is a secret. It has the Guard Dog exclusive Concealed Inner Stun TechnologyTM. Along the front of the Knightro are metal strips. These replace the prongs of most other stun guns.
33 months ago
This Guard Dog TactForce Flashlight is just the thing for unexpected developments while walking, hunting or camping. Throw it in your glove compartment for roadside emergencies. Or keep in your disaster preparedness kit for when the power goes out. Super-handy size goes just about anywhere. Bright 1,000 lumen beam reaches out to 400 feet 5 functions: High, medium, low, strobe, SOS Durable impact-resistant type III aluminum body Built-in glass breaker Rechargeable battery, includes cradle for charging Item#: 718923 MPN#: TL-TF1000BK UPC#: 859477007858
45 months ago
This Guard Dog Tactical Pen/Flashlight does much more than take notes and sign checks. It lights the way with a 30-lumen flashlight, breaks glass in case of emergency and can be used as a last-resort self-defense weapon. Smart addition to your briefcase, toolbox, glove compartment or range bag. Made of lightweight yet incredible durable Type IIIA aircraft grade aluminum Convenient 30-lumen flashlight Black ink ballpoint pen using standard refill ink Tungsten steel pressure tip for self defense and emergency glass breaking Steel belt/pocket clipBe prepared for anything and order today.
102 months ago
The Guard Dog Inferno features a full rubberized non-slip grip body to ensure a soft and safe grip when using it as a household flashlight. The front of the Inferno boasts intimidating double prongs on each side, enabling the stun gun to fire two simultaneous sparks loud enough to scare an assailant by the sound alone. These dual sparks can be seen, heard and surely felt by any unsuspecting criminals. The Guard Dog Inferno comes with a safety cap and safety on/off switch so the flashlight stun gun is safe from accidental discharge and kept deactivated from children.
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