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29 months ago
Designed to hold three 3-round.223/5.56 magazines, these MOLLE compatible magazine pouches can be attached to your tactical vest, belt, drop leg platform, gun bag, or even inside your pack. Mix and match them with our single and double Mag pouches, pistol Mag pouches, first aid pouch, radio pouch and other modular equipment to design the best load layout for your mission profile. ASIN#: B007TU834E Model number#: 20-8180005000
37 months ago
This popular, double magazine, pistol pouch adapts to your Universal vest, belt, drop leg platform, weapon bag or the inside of your pack. It is constructed from durable, nylon canvas, with Velcro closures and adjustable retention straps, securely holds and accommodates a wide range of short or tall magazines. There are also metal drain grommets plus, the pouches hold a flashlight or knife. The quick release, open assist tabs, are designed for fast reloads and are ideal for police and military operations where seconds count and lives are at stake. ASIN#: B0027QUU0K