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21 hours ago
NcSTAR's VISM performance gear well known for offering impressive quality at impressively affordable prices. Their line of ballistic panels and plates continues this tradition. This 11" x 14" shooter’s cut ballistic plate is rated at Level III+, capable of stopping 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm, and 5.56 NATO rounds. Features: - Level III+ - Ergonomic curved design - Shooters cut for improved comfort - Dual UHMWPE layers over a shock-dispersing core layer - Lightweight 11" x 14" design weighs just 4.5 lbs - Fully sealed against chemicals and the elements - Assembled in the U.S.A.
6 days ago
• Discreet Plate Carrier with external pocket for hard or soft body armor. Wrap around hook and loop fastener cummberbund and adjustable shoulder straps. Fits: Medium to 2XL. • Front panel measures 16.5"W X 16.0"H (from bottom of neck cut). Rear panel measures 21.5"W X 18.5"H (from bottom of neck cut).
1 week ago
• Constructed of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) creating a light weight ballistic plate • Rated at Level III Plus - capable of stopping 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm, and 5.56x45mm rounds • Curved design fits the user with greater comfort, and the cut upper corners (Shooter's Cut) allow for better mobility • Fully sealed to protect against liquids, chemicals, and other harsh elements • Ideal for use in VISM Plate Carriers • PE Hard 11”X14” Plate • Weight: 4.5 lbs. (11”x14” Shooter Cut) • Assembled in the U.S.A. SKU: BPC1114 UPC: 848754005434 MPN: BPC1114
1 month ago
Product Features: * The GuardianPack™ backpack's quick deployable front carrier includes a 10" X 12" Level IIIA shooters cut soft ballistic panel. The front carrier is housed within a dedicated body armor compartment in the backpack with a magnetically sealed flap until needed. The wearer deploys the front panel by pulling the two shoulder straps over the wearer's head. The front carrier straps can then be buckled around the waist.
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Extreem Tactical 88
17 months ago
First responders utility bag is a great multi-function bag that can be used as an everyday tote or a grab bag for unexpected intense scenarios. This bag is a lot of pockets, hook and loop fastener, zippers and MOLLE all around it. Attached to the MOLLE on. ASIN: B00FRM5WMC
18 months ago
The total package for front-and-back Level 3A protection, complete and ready to go! The Expert Plate Carrier Vest is made from rugged nylon, and accommodates a standard SAPI plate or soft ballistic panels in both the front and back pocket—as well as armor panels in the side pockets. Adjustable shoulder straps and a lenght-adjustable cummerbund let you dial in your fit, and MOLLE webbing straps on the front, back, and sides let you attach a full complement of gear. It comes complete with two Level 3A Soft Armor Panels for robust protection from common handgun rounds.