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1 month ago
Key Features 420 stainless steel 5" x 4" ax head Hidden 11.9" saw in hollow ABS handle ABS sheath with magnesium firestarter 14" overall Item number: WX2-707484
31 months ago
No power? No problem. Even when you're miles from the nearest outlet, this military-inspired Radio keeps you in touch with news, weather, music and more. Top solar panel converts sunlight into power/sound. No sun? Just hand-crank the integrated generator to listen to crystal-clear sound on multiple bandwidths. Listen To News, Sports, Music And Important Weather Broadcasts Miles From The Nearest Outlet. Solar panel on top converts sunlight into listening power. Or, simply hand-crank the dynamo internal generator to provide listening "juice".
31 months ago
Ignition at the touch of your finger! Pressing the remote will bring your HQ5500E Generator to life. You can watch the elements rage outside, while you are protected in your RV, house, or hunting cabin. Use the included wheel kit to get your Generator where you need it. No one could ask for electricity to be any simpler. Automatic voltage regulator. All HQ Generators are equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulators to ensure maximum protection for your appliances as well as your generator.