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19 months ago
- Smith & Wesson® Flip-Top 2,000,000 SHU Police Grade Pepper Spray 4 oz. - Highly recommended police-grade formula - Comparable to bear sprays with a 2,000,000 scoville heat unit level - Better than tear gas - 30 minutes of stunning debilitating pain - A single burst can incapacitate several assailants at once - 15% oleoresin capsicum concoction - Spray reaches up to 10 feet away - A visible mark is left by the spray due to a natural dyeing agent - Causes severe eye, nose and respiratory irritation upon contact - An easy-open flip top cover prevents accidental discharges
24 months ago
The Smith & Wesson Tactical Penlight is a versatile tool suitable for self-protection. It is constructed with a powerful LED light that never requires changing and features a glass breaker that comes in handy during emergencies. This LED penlight uses two AAA-sized batteries for operation (included). It can be easily stored in a bag, pocket or vehicle glove box for quick access. Walmart No.: 550179644
28 months ago
The Smith & Wesson Model 100 Handcuff is the world’s best-selling handcuff. Smith & Wesson handcuffs are tried and true, known for their durability and dependability. When you need them, Smith & Wesson handcuffs will not let you down. Smith & Wesson Model 100-1 Handcuffs are constructed of nickel plated carbon steel. Carbon steel provides strength and nickel plating creates a corrosion resistant surface. The satin nickel finish is not shiny and makes the handcuffs appear cloudy. They do this to ensure the handcuffs are both non-reflective and easy to grip.  
40 months ago
5 1/2 inch overall. Grooved black finish T6061 Aircraft aluminum construction with black finish pocket clip. One end is pointed which could be used as a very effective defense tool. Other end is a soft Stylus which can be used on most touch screen devices including iPad, Droid smart phone, Kindle eReader, etc. Unscrew the Stylus cap to expose writing tip. Black ink. The cap can be screwed onto the opposite end of the pen for easy storage. Weight 1.2 oz. ASIN#: B007HJJVL6 Model number#: SWPEN3BK