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15 months ago
The Prochrono Digital Chronograph measure the velocity of almost anything that shoots with a large shooting area. Durable plastic light diffusers included. Accurate velocity measurement for rifles, pistols, arrows and shotguns. Easy to set-up and use with a HUGE shooting area. Store 9 shot strings with up to 99 shots per string in power down memory. Review through each velocity and shot data including standard deviation, extreme spread and average velocity. Delete an individual shot or entire string with the touch of a button.
22 months ago , by Dealer
Introduction MAKE AN OFFER on Magnetospeed V3 Chronograph Kit at Scopelist.com for Best Price. You can also get FREE SHIPPING over $300.
41 months ago , by Dealer
Our trauma kits are USED by personnel whose primary function is to extend the life of an injured person until advanced medical attention is available. TECHS do not want or need 200 different types of gauze pads and band aids and 100 alcohol wipes in their trauma kits – they want effective and efficient tools to extend life! That is the foundation of our kits.
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OTAC Gear 374
42 months ago , by Dealer
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47 months ago
Introduction The MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph Kit is ideal for rifle and other firearm users. The V3 perfectly fits the bill for those in search of a comprehensive kit for their barrels and suppressors.