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15 months ago
Guide Gear® Stereo Hearing Protection Earmuffs. Shot-deaf? Block out noises above 85dB, such as gunfire. Electronic circuit technology automatically filters noise and returns to normal hearing within 1 second Muffs amplify normal conversation, range commands and approaching game Uses 2 AA batteries (not included) Noise-reduction rating of 24 decibels Padded for comfort Fully adjustable to fit most lids. WX2-121509 ITEM # F450M-121509 Item # E605R-121509
39 months ago
Guide Gear® 42" Shooting Stick Tripod for stability. BIG BUCKS OFF! No wiggle jiggle! Sturdy, rock-steady unit delivers precise dead-on shots for your firearm or crossbow. No need to find a tree or fence post to secure your aim. This portable 3-legger does the job! Ideal for hunting from a blind, open field and more. Adjusts in a flash with locking levers for multiple positions. V-top rest for stock or barrel Quick-cam lock leg adjusters Folds to compact, portable size Stable tubular aluminum. 16 1/2"h. minimum height, 42"h. maximum height, 1 lb., 6 ozs.