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3 months ago
100-043-968WB SMC Plate Carrier with RMA Level IV Plates, Black Item Details Color: Black Made in the USA Restriction Foreign Shipping This item cannot be shipped out of the United States. Foreign Sales This item cannot be sold out of the United States. Brownells took the guesswork out for you! We brought together the SMC Plate Carriers from Grey Ghost Gear and the RMA Armor Plates!
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Brownells 289
11 months ago
084-000-512WB 3.0 Premium Passive Ear Muffs Green Mfr Part: GWPRSMPASBRWN Item Details Color: Green NRR: 27 dB Style: Passive An Affordable Pair of High-Quality Muffs from Brownells Taking a buddy to the range? Teaching your kids how to shoot? Not sure where you put your go-to earmuffs? There are all kinds of reasons to have a separate set of ear muffs, and Brownells partnered with Walker's Game Ear to provide an affordable and high-quality set of passive hearing protection muffs in the form of these Brownells 3.0 Passive Ear Muffs.