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56 months ago
The Sightmark Triple Duty Universal Laser Bore Sight provides the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in rifles and pistols of all types. Simply place the arbor of the bore sight into the barrel of your weapon; the base will attach magnetically with the retractable arbor centering the bore sight automatically. A laser dot will show exactly where your gun is aiming making it easy to sight in any scope without firing a single shot. Live fire is only needed to fine tune the weapon being sighted in order to compensate for inconsistencies, such as bullet drop due to distance.
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65 months ago
The Sightmark .50 Cal Laser Boresight can help you reduce wasted cartridges and shells. It features a quick gun zeroing and sighting system. The in-chamber boresight allows you to shoot with precision accuracy from 15-100 yards away. Unlike its competitors, the Sightmark bore sight features set screws. This prevents the laser diode from misaligning, ensuring zero is never lost. The Sightmark 50 Caliber Green Boresight is constructed of brass. This makes it a durable and reliable addition for those with differing levels of expertise. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry.
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