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7 months ago
Targeted NRR of 24 dba for Passive sound protection. Suppresses gunshot noise and amplifies low sounds using proprietary 3M technologies. Gunshot recognition and suppression technology optimizes noise protection based on the firearm being used and the environment in which it's being used. Clear voice tracking technology seeks voice amongst the noise to improve speech intelligibility and situational awareness. Engineered for optimal fit and comfort. Foldable and adjustable. ASIN#: B06WGRCH7J Model number#: TAC300-OTH
7 months ago
Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protector suppresses gunshot noise to protect hearing while amplifying voices for clear communication. Ideal for range and hunting use. Noise reduction rating (NRR) equal to 21 decibels. Low profile cup design works with shotguns & rifles. Single, external battery door. Adjustable padded headband. Durable recessed microphones. Single on/off and volume control. 4-hour auto shut off to preserve battery life. 3.5mm audio input jack for MP3 & 2-way radio compatibility. Runs on 2AAA batteries (not included). NRR 21 dB
7 months ago
Features Bluetooth Wireless Technology syncs with mobile devices 3M SMART Technologies Dynamic Suppression Time adapts to firearm and environment for optimized shooting experience Clear Voice Tracking seeks voice within noise for improved speech intelligibility Auto shut-off Intuitive buttons and voice guidance let you operate without removing headset Low-profile cups have cut-outs for use with long guns` Vented, adjustable headband improves comfort when worn with hats Durable recessed microphones designed to reduce wind and fan noise
44 months ago
The Small Earmuff is easily adjustable for a comfortable fit. Sized for youth and smaller adults. With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22 dB, these muffs are ideal for Range Use, Hunting, Sporting Events, or any other loud environment where hearing protection is desired. ASIN#: B000I7NX5E Model number#: 97070
50 months ago
The Peltor Sport Shotgunner II Low-Profile Hearing Protector is compact, yet features a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 db. Tapered cup design minimizes gun stock interference. Lightweight design for comfort and extended wear. Folds for compact storage. ASIN#: B01BGHVQ1M Model number#: 97040-PEL-6C
53 months ago
Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Ear Muffs, high-tech hearing protection for shooting and more! Exceptional comfort, amazingly smooth sound cut-off, enhanced ambient sound... Tactical Sport Electronic Muffs are the total package, and a good deal cheaper than comparable "tech" muffs. You'll hear voices and ambient noise like you would without muffs - better, even - while the digital electronics protect from "impulse" noises.
58 months ago
Design for safety without sacrificing comfort, the Peltor sport bull's eye hearing protector reduces sound levels for reliable Passive hearing protection. This mid-range NRR provides excellent noise reduction, yet maintains a low profile. Features:- 3M p ASIN#: B01BGHVQHQ Model number#: 97041-PEL-6C
60 months ago
Tri-Flange Reusable Earplugs feature a triple-flange design that helps provide a custom fit. The patented flanges and flexible stem are made of a soft, non-irritating polymer to help provide protection and comfort. ASIN#: B000DZF7T6 Model number#: 97317-10C