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24 months ago
Large delux police & shooters tactical range bag. Heavy duty high density durable with water repellents ,2 pockets witch are padded inside and 10 clips holders, #1o zipper. ASIN#: B008P19NZ4 Model number#: M026
48 months ago
This 10 pockets bag will fit into 3 kind of users. ( A ) It will fit 2 big long range zoom camera flashes, batteries and accessory , documents etc. ( B ) It can also be used as range bag, which can hold up to 10 guns. All 10 pocket are padded, quilted, heavy duty zipper, heavy hook and D ring.  ( C )This also can be used for the "GO" bag for all police official. They can fit all gear such as pistols, magazines, Handcuffs,  radio, Electric batons, eye mask, ammo box etc. Police can easily grab and "GO". 3 in 1 bag suitable for all gun lovers.