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10 months ago
When you hit the target with a laser trainer, it will light up and rumble letting you know of a direct hit.  Just like plinking cans but you don’t have to pick them up. The 3 target areas on the can will give you a challenge to hit, but rewarded with LED lights and the rumble of victory.  The rumble sound gets louder or softer depending on what surface you place it on. Place the target on any flat surface and practice shooting them randomly at different distances and locations.  The Rumble Tyme lets you know when it is hit with a celebration of lights and rumble.
21 months ago
Rumble Tyme Laser Trainer Kit Perfect for Couch Potato Shooters Couch potatoes rejoice! The auto-resetting Rumble Tyme Kit is here! LaserLyte innovators in firearms laser technologies, are giving shooters the perfect reason to spend more quality time on the couch Laser Training with the Rumble Tyme Laser Trainer Kit!
33 months ago
Rumble & steel laser Trainer kit offers great plinking practice. Train like a super hero with reactive laser Trainer targets! LaserLyte, innovators in firearms laser technologies, are featuring the most earth-shaking laser training kit to date-the Rumble & steel kit. Shooters feel like super heroes when they start plinking LaserLyte's two reactive Trainer targets with the included Trainer trigger Tyme laser revolver. Auto-resetting Rumble Tyme and steel Tyme Trainer targets react with every shot so you never need to leave the couch to keep shooting!
36 months ago
Nasty weather keeping you in? Knock out some target practice with the LaserLyte® Rumble & Steel Laser Trainer. Refine your accuracy in the comfort of your own home — line up your shot with the Trigger Time® Laser Trainer Revolver, then fire at 2 different targets from up to 50 yards away to boost your skills in complete safety. Features and Benefits - Laser revolver made of high-impact ABS polymer allows you to safely practice shooting within your own home - Rumble Tyme™ Trainer Target rumbles, rotates and flashes LEDs to acknowledge your hit