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5 months ago
The Primary Arms Tactical Shoulder Bag, Olive Drab green, combines lightweight comfort and a surprising amount of carry space with a durable and versatile design. Ideal for short and long treks thanks to its padded shoulder strap and lightweight materials, the tactical shoulder bag provides ample room to carry whatever you need. Whether a concealed handgun, additional magazines, permits and IDs, or just more food and water, you’ll have space to pack it.
9 months ago
The Primary Arms Shooting Mat, Black, is waterproof and features an anti-bacterial coating. A thick padding area keeps you comfortable and stake-down grommets on each corner keep it from flying away (bring your own stakes). It unfolds to a generous 72 inches long by 30 inches wide, and then rolls up to about a 4 inch by 8 inch roll, held together by a pair of plastic cross buckles. This tough shooting mat features a 1-year warranty. Brand: Primary Arms Manufacturer.: Primary Arms MPN#: PAGSSM