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1 week ago
Store your firearms and valuables with confidence and peace of mind in a ProVault® Mechanical Lock 18-Gun Safe by Liberty. Heavy-duty, 2-piece door and body construction is 6 times stronger than competing designs. There are no seams exposed to potential prying attacks. Extra-hard plate protects the lock mechanism from drilling and punching. Ten 4" military-style locking bars provide stronger security in the door's four corners. Break-resistant lock-down hinges are stronger than traditional welded hinges.
1 month ago
The Liberty Safe® HDX-250 Smart Vault ensures that you and the people you choose are the only ones that have access to your handgun. A biometric finger swipe and auto-open door make the vault easy to open for only those who have their fingerprint programmed. (Has 15 fingerprint memory.) The tamper-alert light lets you know if anyone has tried to break in, and a back-up key lock serves for emergency access. The 14-gauge steel body and door use anti-pry technology to keep ill-intending parties at bay. Interior lights make contents easy to see in low light.
13 months ago
Liberty Safe has the Special Edition Liberty Fatboy Jr XL for $1,499. It is the Liberty Fatboy Jr, but at the bigger Fatboy size! Also, have available 12 or 18 mo same as cash financing depending on final price. Also, I believe a rebate is available as well for $75 to $100 off: Specs:
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15 months ago
Keep your valuables effectively protected with the Liberty Safe HD-300 Large Quick Combo Handgun Vault, which can stow passports, medication, multiple handguns or other small items. Constructed of sturdy 16 gauge steel, this safe boasts mounting holes and a soft-touch combination lock to ensure contents remain reliably secured. Features and Benefits - Rugged 16 gauge steel offers reliable security - Secure, soft-touch combination lock offers more than 1,000 combination choices - Automatically opening angled front door - Tamper-resistant construction - Key backup
16 months ago
""With it's revolutionary design, the Liberty HD-300 will change the way you think about handgun storage. Liberty HD-300The Liberty HD-300 Quick Vault & Pistol Safe is durable and quickly accessible with an auto-open door. Instead of the standard box design, Liberty has changed the game by angling the door of the safe back to make it significantly easier to remove your handgun. Whether you are grabbing it from your nightstand or inside a drawer it is much easier to remove a pistol without reaching deep into the unit or having your handgun bang up against the top of the safe.
41 months ago
With its generous storage capacity, the Liberty Safe Outfitter 50 boasts enough room to house up to 64 guns. Convenient 12" dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the safe. The 3-in-1 Flex interior and installed door panel provide ample storage. Quality electronic lock makes entry quick. 1"-dia. 4-sided pin-bolt coverage prevents prying. Granite texture and chrome hardware give the vault a classy look that will garner praise from friends. Durable 11-ga. steel two-piece body construction is built to last a lifetime. Installed electronic outlet kit. 60-minute fire rating at 1,200˚F.