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MPN: 110011
Brand: Tipton
Finish Per Color: Gray
Manufacturer: Tipton
Model: Gun Vise

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3 months ago
Use this Tipton Ultra Gun Vise to safely secure your firearm while cleaning or performing maintenance. Tipton built these Gun Parts with a rugged steel frame for support, and the clamping and sliding devices work independently, meaning you can use a wide variety of weapon shapes. The materials used to make this Tipton Ultra Gun Vise Module are solvent resistant for the longest service life possible. Over molded surfaces protect your gun's finish, and 4 independent leveling feet allow you to easily and precisely mount a scope or other optic on your weapon.
9 months ago
Decent deal on a good gun vise
Scheels 201
17 months ago
OverviewFeaturesRigid Steel FrameModular Chassis DesignFast-turn knobs, for quick clampingFront and Rear clamps are both height and length adjustableTwo rearrangeable or removable accessory traysEngineered glass filled nylon constructionStainless steel reinforcing plates throughoutSolvent-resistant materials stand up to years of hard useThe Tipton Ultra Gun Vise is the ultimate shooters tool which features different modules that can be quickly moved, rearranged or removed anywhere along the rail.
21 months ago
Amazon.com is offering Tipton Polymer Gun Cleaning Picks + Free Shipping on orders over $25. Here's a clever idea that belongs in every cleaning kit - Gun-Cleaning Picks. This set of four picks with different configurations on each end provides eight different combinations to get into those tight, hard to reach places. Made of high-strength polymer so they won't scratch the finest surface. Set of four picks. Product Features: Handy tools, offered only by Tipton, that help you reach the most important, tightest spots in your firearms ASIN: B0048KGFHU Item model number: 549864
Amazon 7669
32 months ago
Tipton® Best Gun Vise is designed to accomodate the widest possible range of firearms for cleaning, maintenance, or gunsmithing and is easily configurable to handle bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15's, or handguns. Central aluminum channel lets the user move individual components to the ideal position for their firearm. Each individual component then adjusts to the perfect position for secure support. Rear base features two adjustable offset clamps for a tight grip on a wide range of buttstock configurations.
37 months ago
Secure your rifle or shotgun for just about any work you want to perform on it. The Tipton Gun Vise is an ideal "third hand" for cleaning and gunsmithing. It features a rubberized cradle and jaws to protect and grip your gun, a quick release cam action for easy access, molded-in compartments for solvents and small parts, and is made of tough, solvent-resistant polymers. SKU#: 782731 UPC#: 661120811817
40 months ago
The Tipton® Ultra Gun Vise brings a fully adjustable design to fit bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15s, automatic pistols, revolvers, compound bows, and crossbows for cleaning, maintenance, and upgrading. Its modular design allows you to switch up the module assemblies in any configuration to fit virtually any shape of firearm. The Tipton Ultra Gun Vise comes with an AR block that provides a premium base for working on your AR-15. Independently adjustable front and rear clamps hold guns securely and are both height- and length-adjustable.
43 months ago
SPECS: .38 Special / .357 Magnum, 6 Pack VERSATILITY: Tipton Snap Caps are useful in a variety of applications, from safely adjusting trigger pull to releasing tension on hammer springs for storage DESIGN: With a false primer that is spring buffered, Tipton Snap Caps reduce stress on the firing pin and barrel breech when dry firing CONVENIENT: Snap Caps are reusable, making them an affordable option for dry fire training and practicing safe firearm handling VARIETY: Explore the entire Tipton Snap Cap line for pistols, rifles, and shotguns ASIN#: B0048KFHKQ Model number#: 321398
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44 months ago
Ball and socket articulating clamp pads allow for the pads to adapt to any surface Dual Clamp Technology rigidly holds any gun shape in place Rigid steel tube frame structure allows for complete access to your rifle Fast-turn knobs, for quick clamping Engineered glass filled nylon construction provides a high level of rigidity while preventing damage to your firearm MPN#: 110011
44 months ago
Free standing, 4-leg system removes the need for a table or a bench Oversized levers for easy leg deployment and built-in bottle opener 35" height for optimal comfort while working Lightweight, weighing approximately 20lbs Makes cleaning convenient in the field or on the range
44 months ago
EASE OF USE: Tipton’s RAPID Deluxe Bore Guide makes firearm cleaning a simple process FUNCTION: This bore guide by Tipton allows for easily alignment of cleaning rods and directs solvents to the barrel CONVENIENT: RAPID Deluxe by Tipton holds the correct amount of tension and automatically releases your cleaning patch VERSATILE: Four muzzle guides are included so you can use the one that corresponds to your barrel best RELIABLE: Ensure a closer clean while promoting a long barrel life SPECS: Ideal for bolt action rifles, the Tipton RAPID Deluxe Bore Guide locks into the bolt catch slot
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44 months ago
EASE OF USE: Tipton’s Universal Bore Guide makes firearm cleaning a simple process FUNCTION: This bore guide by Tipton allows for easily alignment of cleaning rods and directs solvents to the barrel VERSATILE: Three muzzle guides are included (small fits most calibers .17-.24, medium fits most calibers .25-.30, and large fits most calibers over .30) so you can use the one that corresponds to your barrel best RELIABLE: Ensure a closer clean while promoting a long barrel life SPECS: Ideal for bolt action rifles, the Tipton Universal Bore Guide locks into the bolt catch slot
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48 months ago
Combining the Ultra Jags and Best Bore Brushes into one convenient 26-piece set gives you the ultimate storage system for your brushes and jags . Neatly organized in a durable, hinged box with marked cavities, it’s easy to select the correct jag and brush for your particular application. Because they are caliber-specific, you can be assured of an optimum fit to your firearm’s bore for efficient and thorough cleaning. 17 to 45 caliber (does not include 20 caliber). All jags and brushes have 8-32 threads (17 caliber has 5-40 threads and is a standard bore brush). Brand: Tipton
56 months ago
The Tipton Best Gun Vise features front, center and rear supports; each independently adjustable to fit virtually any gun, including handguns. Two adjustable rear clamps accommodate large and small stocks alike, and an L-shaped center support can be used for break-open shotguns, AR-15s and similar guns. Constructed of durable nylon that is resistant to chemicals, cleaners and solvents and features molded accessory bins for bottles, cleaning supplies and other items. Features Will accommodate most types of firearms including bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15s and handguns
MidwayUSA 547
93 months ago
Tipton's Transporter Range Vise is an all-in-one bag for shooting essentials that converts into an ultrastable vise. Two removable non-marring forks hold up to four rifles. Included clamping jaws secure the vise to any table top up 3.65" thick. Built-in drink holder keeps a beverage within easy reach. Pockets keep handguns ready. When you're finished, everything easily disassembles and packs back into the bag. Also works great for clamping to your home's workbench for cleaning firearms. Assembled: 11.5"H x 23"W x 9"D. Bag: 9"H x 20"W x 9"D. Item number#: IK-232182
Cabela's 418
98 months ago
Snap Caps have a variety of uses around the bench. It is generally accepted that one shouldn't drop the firing pin on an empty chamber - which is the primary reason to have Snap Caps for your favorite guns. You should always use Snap Caps when checking or adjusting the trigger pull. If you prefer to release the tension on the hammer springs, when storing your guns, Snap Caps are ideal. Whatever your needs, Snap Caps are handy and inexpensive. Package includes 6 caps Use Snap Caps when checking or adjusting the trigger pull Handy and inexpensive ASIN#: B0048KFHKQ Model number#: 321398
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