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41 months ago
Cold Steel Inferno .38 oz. Keyring Hardcase Unit Pepper Spray via Camper Safety on Amazon. Inferno is a new pepper canister weapon from Cold Steel that will turn the biggest, meanest, most violent criminal into helpless molten wax at your feet. Unlike other pepper sprays you may have heard about, Inferno deploys a highly targetable foam that contains 8% Oleoresin Capsicum and 2% black pepper.
55 months ago
The Delta Dart is 8" long and 1/2" in diameter yet it weighs only 1/2 an ounce! Its comfortable handle is knurled for a positive grip and the butt is smooth and rounded, so it's perfect for both thumb and palm reinforced positions. Like the CAT Tanto, the Delta Dart is made from Zy-Ex. It is this super tough material that, when combined with the Dart's sharp point and triangular cross section, accounts for its phenomenal piercing power and allowed it to be driven by hand right through a 1/2" thick piece of leather. Optional neck sheath with bead chain lanyard available. 1/2" in diameter
66 months ago
Cold Steel SC92SF Special Forces Shovel Cordura Sheath Only. Replacement sheath for the ColdSteel Special Forces Shovel. The illustrated Cold Steel Sheath is the Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel Sheath. The Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel Sheath features black Cordura construction with snap closure and a hanging loop. This Cold Steel Sheath fits the Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel. Shovel Cordura Sheath Sheath Only Material: Cordura Nylon Makes transporting your tomahawk easy A must have for owners of the proper hawk Weight: 0.30 lbs. ASIN#: B0019FLI24 Model number#: SC92SF