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14 months ago
14-megapixel trail camera Features a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor 21 high-intensity IR LEDs Illuminates up to 60 feet Offers HD 720p video recording Has a wide-angle aspect ratio of 16:9 Runs on 8 AA batteries Supports up to 32GB memory via SD card Battery life of up to 6 months or 12000 photos Comes with an adjustable strap
18 months ago
With the Wildgame Innovations® Mirage 22 Trail Camera with Viewer Combo you'll not only save money, but you'll capture great day and night wildlife images, and you'll be able to view them with ease. Wildgame Innovations Mirage 22 Trail Camera delivers 22MP pictures or 720p videos in 15-second shots. It also captures great nighttime images and footage using a high-intensity infrared, 28-LED flash that illuminates out to 75' without spooking game. Adaptive Illumination™ adjusts the flash intensity based on distance to the target.
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56 months ago
New 360 degree IR digital trail camera - 12 megapixels 360 degree image capturing capability!! capable of both daytime/nighttime still images and 720P video, 70 ft IR flash range and a 1.5 second trigger speed, includes custom T- post mounting bracket System which will allow you to monitor an entire food plot UP to 6 month Battery life on 8AA batteries (not included), accepts up to a 32 gb SD card, great for Game scouting and security, water resistant and weather endurable, includes t-post mounting bracket System ASIN#: B00TP8IAI2 Model number#: R12i20
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58 months ago
FLX100 ELECTRONIC GAME CALL. Has large backlit LCD. High quality bi-directional speaker system. Long range remote control activation. Docking station recharges remote control unit. ASIN#: B00U1TX67O Model number#: FLX100
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59 months ago
Built with a lockable door design Time-lapse technology Offers a wide angle 16:9 aspect ratio image option Built in color viewing screen Infrared Flash Range: 100 ft. ASIN#: B01BE8IZGC MPN#: L20B20 UPC#: 616376508066
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73 months ago
The leader in trail camera innovation introduces the Amazon exclusive Mirage 16 trail camera in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo. Ready to scout out of the box, the Mirage 16 is a 16 megapixel unit that includes the essential batteries and SD card. The easy to use Mirage 16 can take up to a 32gb SD card (8 gb sandisk included) and is powered by 8 AA batteries (included). The Mirage 16 features a super quiet shutter and less than a 1/2 second trigger speed. This stealthy little camera blends into nature with its Bottomland camo pattern and is capable of daytime/nighttime still photos and 720 video.
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90 months ago
Wildgame Innovations' Cabela's-exclusive Vision 12 IR 12MP Trail Camera boasts 27 infrared LEDs that capture high-quality images both day and night. With a detection and illumination range up to 70 ft., you can mount the camera farther away from the trail to capture more action. Wide-angle 16:9 aspect ratio images option and a trigger speed less than one second capture full animals rather than leaving you with partial images of animals entering and exiting the frame. 12MP pictures and capable of up to 30 seconds of video. Fixed 30-second delay.
99 months ago
You'll capture so much from so little with Wildgame Innovations’ Razor 10X 10MP Trail Camera. This compact Kryptek Highlander™ camouflage camera takes sharp 10MP images and 30-second 720p HD video clips. 27 high-intensity invisible infrared LED emitters. 50-ft. low-light illumination range for detection. Flextime+™ time-lapse technology captures key moments of heightened activity. Wide-angle 16:9 aspect ratio covers a larger side-to-side area. One-second trigger. Water- and weather-resistant housing. Easy setup with a long battery life using eight AA batteries (not included).
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101 months ago
With the hassle-free, no-tools-needed assembly of the Wildgame Innovations Buck Commander Hex 225 Tripod Feeder, you'll be on your way to managing big bucks in as little as five minutes. Durable 30-gal. barrel has a textured glare-resistant deep bark finish that won't spook deer. Camera mounting bracket makes it easy to attach a trail camera (not included) for keeping tabs on game movement. Varmint-resistant galvanized steel spinner plate keeps raccoons and other pests from stealing food. Large 30-ft.-dia.
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101 months ago , by Dealer
Wilcox Industries L4 G24 NVG Mount & Hybrid Shroud Kit - Black $ 489.00 retails for $ 603.00 ONLY ONE UNIT IS AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE Description:
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114 months ago
With its FlexTime+™ time-lapse technology, wide-angle 16:9 aspect ratio, one-second rapid trigger speed and HD 720 video (30 seconds) capabilities, the LightsOut trail camera opens up a world of scouting possibilities. Exposure control system and Redux™ anti-blur technology ensure clearer images. The 27 high-intensity invisible LEDs deliver a flash range up to 50 ft. for high-quality night shots. Compatible with up to 32 GB SDHC card (not included). Powered by eight AA batteries (not included). Includes USB cable, adjustable bungee cords and software. Imported. Item number#: IK-461444
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