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10 months ago
These Trijicon DI Night Sights are Pistol Parts designed for use on some of the most popular pistols. Engineered for any light situation from full daylight to complete darkness, the dual-illumination ensures spot-on pistol aiming points no matter the situation. Trijicon has long been known as an industry leader with proven results in their tritium and fiber optic sights. These Trijicon DI sights feature interchangeable fibers that can easily be swapped out or replaced in the field.
12 months ago
The Trijicon HD XR Tritium Night Sight Set features a thinner front sight post for a larger field of view at further distances, and will help you boost your accuracy. Built of durable, high quality materials, these Pistol Parts by Trijicon are reliable shot after shot, and protective aluminum cylinders protect the fragile tritium-phosphor lamps. When you need to quickly identify your target and engage at longer distances, the Trijicon HD XR Pistol Night Sight Set is the perfect addition to your pistol. Specifications for Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set: Fabric/Material: Metal
102 months ago
Tenebraex kill FLASH for the Trijicon Dual Illuminated RMR. Unique, honeycomb pattern filter disperses light to prevent reflections from front lens giving away your position without adversely affecting sight picture. This anti-reflective device is made of high grade aluminum. Tenebraex kill FLASH for the Trijicon Dual Illuminated RMR Honeycomb pattern filter Disperses light to prevent reflections Material: Aluminum Color: Black ASIN#: B00ETG5QRS Model number#: AC31015