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2 months ago
Laser class:Class IIIA Specifications: Power:
15 months ago
WIDE RANGE COMPATIBILITY: Fit for Glock 17,18C,20,21,22,37 H&K 45 H&K P30L H&K VP40 S&W M&P 22 S&W M&P 45 4.5" S&W M&P 9mm 40 S&W SW40F SIG P226 (No Rail) 9mm Taurus PT24 92F. The belt clip fits all belts up to 2 inches wide and is designed for right hand users. ADJUSTABLE RETENTION & CANT: The retention can be adjusted on the holster by loosening or tightening the hex nut on the bottom of the holster. For positive retention assurance, there is an audible clicking sound when holstered. The angled cant on the holster can be easily adjustable to accommodate a 0 - 20 degree cant.
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