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1 month ago
Guntec USA AR-15 TOOL AR15 Multitool Armorer's WrenchThe GunTec USA AR-15/M-16 Armorer’s Wrench combines many of the functions necessary for the Armorer. A two sided wrench at one end fits either multi-point or peg style barrel nuts on barrels up to 1” in diameter, and a breaker bar or torque wrench can be fitted into the 1/2” square drive opening. The wrench’s other end fits Telestock Locking Nuts, and a large flat screwdriver blade is also included for use on standard buttstock screws.
19 months ago
The Guntec USA AR-15 Roll Pin Punch Set is perfect for getting those pesky roll pins started. The hollow end on each punch helps to prevent damage caused by an accidental slip off while getting the pin started. Use our hollow end punches to align and start the pin then finish driving it home with an impact punch (sold separately). Features: - Heat treated steel - Four piece hollow end starter punch set  - All sizes needed to complete a build Punch inside diameter sizes: - .130" - .100" - .086" - .067"
22 months ago
Guntec USA has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing tactical weapon accessories since 1989. Their goal is to supply excellent quality, at an economical value to professionals and enthusiasts alike. The Dual AR 5.56/.308 Upper Receiver Aluminum Vise Block is a versatile tool that can hold any AR pattern upper, large frame or small, securely in your bench vise. Highly effective for the efficient installation of barrels or free floating handguards. Features: T6 aluminum Fits 5.56 and .308 upper receivers Bench vise compatible
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23 months ago , by Dealer
US Made Light weight Steel QD Swivel 1″ Swivel Aluminum Adapter
24 months ago , by Dealer
US Made Lightweight Total Weight : 0.4 oz Ergonomic Contoured Design Extends The Bolt Release Option To The Right Side Of The Weapon Quick One Hand Acquisition Allows For Faster Reloading T6 Aluminum Anodized Black Quick Bolt On Design Fits Over Any 5.56 Mil Spec Bolt Catch (9MM, 300 BLK, Etc.) and is Locked In Place With 3 Set Screws