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10 months ago
High Ride holster for a Sig 938. Chestnut color w/thumb break. Fits up to 1-1/2" belt. Vegetable tanned leather with Heavy nylon stitching. Right Hand draw. Slight forward cant. For a Sig 938 Thumb break It is Edge dyed Made In USA It is Hand Boned ASIN#: B00U2VEAEE Model number#: 1138
11 months ago
Substantial full-grain leather is molded specifically to your Glock 42 for a precise fit. The tension draw screw adjustment at the trigger guard can be tightened for a secure hold or loosened for a quicker draw. Edges are burnished for a smooth finish. Open-top design. Made in USA. SKU#: 03952273 MPN: 1142B UPC: 021771114321 Item#: IK-231231