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41 months ago
The RCBS® Rifle Die Set features an expander-decapping unit to remove spent primer as it expands the case mouth. Built-in vent holes prevent case damage. Seater die includes a bullet seater plug and built-in roll or taper crimp for specific cartridges. Made of case-hardened steel, every die is properly hardened and hand polished for superior durability. Large, easy-to-adjust hex lock rings utilize hex head setscrews (standard 7/8"-14 thread, unless otherwise noted). These full-length sizer dies also feature vents to prevent case damage caused by trapped air or excessive lubricant.
91 months ago
Add RCBS's Ultrasonic Rotary Case-Cleaning Solution and quickly remove carbon fouling, tarnish and oxidation from brass cartridge cases. 1-qt. bottle of concentrated mix makes 10 gal. of cleaning solution. Built-in measuring cup on bottle. Size: 32-oz. Item number#: IK-218549 SKU#: 87057 ($18.99) UPC#: 076683870575 ($18.99)
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