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17 months ago
Crafted with Rigorous Specifications Line up your shot at the exact height you want it with the Monstrum Tactical Precision Scope Rings! Each set of scope rings is precision crafted to a given height specification. Choose the height that matches your particular rifle setup and preferred cheek weld. Your shot is lined up just where you want it every time. Made for 30mm Scope Tubles
18 months ago
Equip your shotgun for any lighting environment with the Offset Flashlight Mount for Shotguns from Monstrum Tactical! The mounting system attaches securely to your shotgun between the barrel and magazine tube with no additional tooling or gunsmithing required. The mount is crafted to fit full sized shotguns. Package includes spacing pads for fitment to all varieties of shotgun models with full length barrel and magazine tube. Note that this product will not fit the Mossberg Shockwave or shotguns without a full length barrel and magazine tube.