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3 weeks ago
A clean gun is a reliable gun, so keep your firearms in top shape with the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit. From precision machined and caliber marked brass jags and slotted tips to cover almost any caliber short of the big .50s, to non-marring brass rods for handguns, shotguns, and rifles, and even a flexible head flash light to illuminate those hard-to-reach areas, this full featured 62-piece kit is ready to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. To top it off, it's all kept neatly organized in a convenient and durable plastic case gives you little excuse to not keep it handy! Features:
4 weeks ago
Strike Industries products are designed by shooting experts for the shooting sportsman. SI AntiVenom-XPLC is the culmination of years of research and fine tuning. This heat activated super-lubricant has an extremely high film strength, pressure resistance, and thrives in high temperatures. AntiVenom-XPLC displaces all other lubricants and fluids, penetrating deeply into the surface structure of the metal, forming a protective layer against rust and friction.
7 months ago
The Strike Industries RMR JellyFish cover is a transparent protective cover for the Trijicon RMR. This cover allows you to keep your optic protected in inclement weather while retaining the ability to sight and fire on targets if necessary. The unique design features a lanyard hole to attach the JellyFish to a holster or belt for quick-draw removal if desired. The rigid design is strong enough to protect your optics, yet flexible enough for easy installation.
8 months ago
The sling in all its forms, 1 point, 2 point, and even 3 point configurations has served an admirable job in making it easier to carry our long guns, but are not without their drawbacks, chief among them, bulk, tangle risks, and the need to use two hands to use them. With Strike Industries’ Advanced Retention System allows one to apply fast, secure retention in all directions while maintaining a low profile. Like a handgun holster, the SI-SARS enables the user to quickly engage targets with zero restriction on movement, and hang securely when maneuvering or engaging in other tasks.