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8 months ago
The Universal rail mount Gun Sight Trainer laser fit any pistol with a picatinny rail and operates in constant on, pulse and laser training modes, with a 6 minute auto off function. Each package comes with two laser housings to fit full-size, compact and subcompact pistols with rails. This laser also features a built in Gun Sight Trainer. It is a Laser Sight, it is a laser trainer, it is all in one on your gun. The new Laser Trainer mode allows you to practice with your own gun in between range sessions without live ammunition.
53 months ago
[note from poster - At $55.60, this is the best price I've ever seen. Price is likely because of a short backorder. Based on past observations, price will probably go back up a and down a few times and then go back up for a long time 2/12/18] Drop this in the chamber, pull the trigger and the laser will tell you how well you shoot. The caliber-specific laser trainer cartridge inserts into the chamber and is ready to train in seconds. The dual o-rings keep the laser centered and accurate. The built-in rubber snap cap protects your firing pin.
54 months ago
Line up the sights, pull the trigger and the laser will tell you how well you shoot. When the trigger is pulled it activates the laser that flashes for 1/10th of a second. If the laser is a dot, great shot. If the laser is a streak, bad technique. The trigger resets after every shot and is ready to be pulled again. The realistic 5.5 lb trigger feels like a real firearm. The familiar weight and balance is very close to an actual firearm for accurate training. The virtual ammo will not run out, you will only need to change the batteries after a few thousand shots.
54 months ago
LaserLyte, innovators in firearms laser technologies, are proud to announce the most highly anticipated addition to the LaserLyte family of laser training cartridges; the LT-223, .223 Caliber Training Cartridge. The in-the-chamber design of the LT-223 allows the user to realistically train anywhere and practice tap, rack, bang or malfunction drills in the comfort of one’s own home. Firing pin activated switch that indicates bullet impact with a bright red laser dot Built-in snap cap protects the firing pin and O-rings hold the laser accurately in place
64 months ago
It's an innovative and exciting way to sharpen your handgun skills. The LaserLyte Quick Tyme Kit sets you up with a highly responsive target and it puts the feel of a Glock® 19 pistol in your hands. Ideal for practicing your conceal-carry pistol draw, the Quick Tyme Trainer Target features a built-in stopwatch that keeps track of how long it takes you to hit the target with the pistol's laser. Once this happens, the stopwatch display shows your time and the LED bull's-eye target illuminates the shot's exact location. It also has a stopwatch-free mode for more relaxed training.