Best Guns for Women

Updated 11 months ago

A firearm suitable for women is a fast-growing segment of the firearm market. Women are valuable consumers significantly contributing to the industry. Ladies are carrying a gun for various reasons nowadays. It might be a recreational, or competitive pursuit, while the most often reason is self-defense. Being a woman doesn’t mean that you can’t run a gun as a male can. However, there might be some choices that are more suitable considering your physique and the size of your hand, as well as your preferences.

Check out our choice of the top concealed handguns for women:

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Glock 43 | Small & Easy to Conceal

Glock 43

Weight: 16.19 oz

Length: Barrel - 3.39 | Overall - 6.26

Action: Safe Action

Caliber: 9mm

Magazine Capacity: 6+1 rounds

Popular for a good reason, this 9mm Luger caliber gun is perfect for concealed wear. The reason for this is its slimness, thanks to a single-stack 6-round magazine, together with lesser weight due to the polymer frame. Even though it is slim and highly concealable, this lightweight pistol is still suitable for any hand size. Glock 43 earned its stellar reputation, known as a reliable and easy-to-carry gun, with a proven track record of reliability and durability. Besides, impressive aftermarket accessories allow you to improve this model, like increasing its magazine capacity if you prefer not to be limited to 6+1 round.

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Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard (.38 Special) | Lightweight & Simple to Use

Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard (.38 Special)

Weight: 15 oz

Length: Barrel - 1.875 | Overall - 6.3125

Action: Double Action

Caliber: 38SP

Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds

This small-frame revolver is a good fit for discreet carry and personal protection. Weighing just over 14 ounces, it is especially suitable for women on occasions when clothing doesn’t allow for a large defense tool. It can be carried in a purse, and if drawn out rapidly, an accidental discharge is avoided due to the snag-free concealed hammer. This fast-handling gun is double-action-only, and it features a 5-round stainless steel cylinder, ambidextrous cylinder release, and aluminum cylinder frame. Furthermore, it features a fixed rear and front sights for easy aiming, and polymer grip frame. It offers a smooth trigger pull and optimum simplicity of use. Another model comes with an integrated Crimson Trace laser, which can play an important role when it comes to situations with reduced lightning.

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Sig Sauer P238 | Small & Smart Looking

Sig Sauer P238

Weight: 15.2 oz

Length: Barrel - 2.7" | Overall - 5.5"

Action: Single Action

Caliber: 380 ACP

Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds

For women (and men) whose need for a gun goes hand in hand with their love for aesthetics, this finely crafted model might be the right choice. While offering eye-pleasing design, it is also an effective firearm. It comes in different colors and with a variety of compelling grips−like rosewood one, and other custom grips and embellishments. It is easy to carry since the alloy frame makes it lightweight. This .380 ACP caliber gun features stainless steel slide, ambidextrous thumb safety, and single-action design.

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Kimber Pro Carry II | Classic Looks & Grip Safety

Kimber Pro Carry II

Weight: 25 oz with empty magazine

Length: Barrel - 3 in | Overall - 6.8 in

Recoil spring (pounds): 18.0

Caliber: 45 ACP

Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds

Satin silver aluminum frame combined with a smooth and checkered rosewood grip is giving great looks to this .45 ACP caliber gun. Not only it looks classy, but t also provides extra security−grip safety helps avoid accidental discharge. It might take a bit of practice for those unfamiliar with a manual thumb safety, as its design requires it to be carried cocked and locked. It features a slightly shorter barrel for better conceal, and an excellent single-action trigger.

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Kahr CW9 | Thin & Affordable

Kahr CW9

Weight: 19.0 oz

Length: Barrel - 3.5" | Overall - 5.9"

Action: Double Action Only

Caliber: 9MM

Magazine Capacity: 7+1 rounds

One of the first guns designed specifically to be concealed easily is also one of the thinnest. This fact makes it very suitable for people with smaller hands. It’s only 9 inches wide, due to the use of a 7-round, single-stack magazine. The truth is that this skinny gun doesn’t offer refined aesthetics. However, the good news is that CW9 is affordable−it can be found for for around $400. If you are on a budget, this 9mm handgun is a great balance between quality and price.

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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield | Reliable & Powerful

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Weight: 19.0 oz

Length: Barrel - 3.1" | Overall - 6.1"

Action: Double Action Only

Caliber: 9MM

Magazine Capacity: 7+1 & 8+1 rounds

No list would be complete without this slim and reliable gun. Having the craftsmanship that S&W is widely known for, it combines the power and features of a full-sized gun, while being possible to conceal. It is one of the most prolific defensive pistols in recent years. With the arrival of modern designs, older models, like this one from 2005 can be found for a very affordable price. It features a textured grip for a better hold and operates with a striker-fired action. You can get it with or without manual thumb safety and /or Crimson Trace laser sight. It is available in 9mm and .40 calibers.

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A quick guide before making a purchase:


Search for a gun that satisfies your needs and feels comfortable. Try it and see if it fits your hand, as some of them are designed specifically for smaller hands. Check if it is easy to use, including a suitable grip, trigger pull, and magazine release. Experiment and try different handguns until you find the one that fits perfectly.


Once you choose your personal defense partner, practice a lot to get comfortable and confident that it will guard you. Go ahead and shoot several hundred rounds to make sure you are handling it properly and that it functions well. Not even the best gun will be of use unless you invest significant time in practice.


Different states have different laws when it comes to firearm purchases. Before you purchase a gun that suits you, make sure to check if it complies with the laws and regulations of your area.